The Occupancy Schedule allows you to schedule the vents in a room to open or close at your chosen times of the day/week. You can have your bedroom vents close during the day, your basement vents close on the weekend, and your kitchen vents close at night.

Utilizing the Occupancy Schedule is easy! From the Home Controls screen, enter your room of choice and then tap 'View Schedule' at the top of the screen. This takes you to your Occupancy Schedule. 

A checkmark indicates the vents will stay open to your chosen percentage during that time period. A blank box will indicate that at the beginning of the time block, your vents will automatically close to 0%, and at the end of the time block, your vents will open back up to your last chosen percentage.

If you do not want your vents to open or close based on scheduled times, you'll want to ensure there are checkmarks in every box. Conversely if you want your vents to stay closed, you'll want to uncheck the boxes for those time periods.

Our team is currently working to implement more granular scheduling times for a future app release.

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