Wake Up Button

The Temp Sensor is a very sleepy device. It will wake up to make a measurement and only transmit the measurement if the temperature or humidity has changed significantly from the last measurement. Once an hour, it will check in with the system on battery life and wireless signal range. Otherwise, the sensor is asleep.

You can wake up your temp sensor early by pressing the "Wake Up" button.

Once awake, the sensor will check to see if you have asked it to blink its LED in the app, and may report its temperature and humidity. The wake up button is useful if you want to check that a sensor is working or just show it off to your friends.

Replacing Batteries

The Temp Sensor battery is designed to last over a year, but can vary depending on how often it wakes up due to temperature changes and how hard it has to work to send and receive signals throughout the house. The Keen Home system will alert you when battery life is getting low and warn you when the sensor is no longer reporting.

The Sensor takes a standard CR2032 coin cell battery. To open the battery cover, you can use a quarter in the slot to twist counter-clockwise. I find that it is often easier to simply use my palm to push and turn. 

Batteries face + side up.

LED Codes

The LED can indicate 3 states:

  • Not joined to network - 1 blink or 2 blinks (failed to join recently)
  • Joined to network - three blinks
  • Reset and searching for network - 1 long blink
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