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Keen, Faceplates for your Smart Vents
Keen, Faceplates for your Smart Vents

Functional and stylish

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What are they?

Faceplates are magnetically attached vent covers that you can easily interchange to match your home’s décor. Our polycarbonate Herringbone faceplates are impact resistant to over 500 lbs and dishwasher safe. They're designed to disperse airflow in three directions. They come in white, but take really well to acrylic paint.

Feeling fancy?

Our premium faceplates, dubbed Arbor, are a wood-stain design that come in two styles: finished and unfinished. They're also easy to clean, and can even cut down on airflow noise in higher velocity systems.

If you're using them in floors, we would only recommend them for areas with low foot-traffic, as they can't sustain the same weightload as our Herringbone faceplates. It's also worth noting that Arbor faceplates will not be compatible with our Smart Filters.

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