The Keen Home Smart Bridge allows your Smart Vents to connect to the internet and to each other. It literally acts as the bridge between your vents and the Keen Cloud that makes them smart. 

While our native room thermostat, Keen Temp Sensor, Nest, and ecobee integrations are exclusive to the Keen app, there are community-built SmartApps that allow for some of this functionality in our partner hubs. 

The following partners work with Keen Home Smart Vents:

1. Lowe's Iris - Official partner with some thermostat and room temperature sensor integrations and good automation options. Temp sensors do not work on Iris.

2. Samsung SmartThings - Official partner with a very large library of other supported devices. Support for very complex automations. Best for power users and hackers. Learn more by visiting the SmartThings Community here. Temp Sensors are not yet known to work on SmartThings.

3. Wink - Unofficial support (vent can be paired as a generic ZigBee light bulb). Very easy to use app and support for a large number of devices and simple automation. We have a setup guide for Wink compatibility here. Temp Sensors are not yet known to work on Wink.

We've also heard anecdotal success regarding Smart Vents being compatible with the ZigBee-integrated Vera hub as well as the Securifi Almond+.

If you decide to connect your Keen vents to an alternate hub, keep in mind you'll just need to use its respective app or software to control them, as opposed to our Keen Home App which only works with the Keen Smart Bridge.

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