Can Nest's temperature sensors replace the need for Keen Home Temp Sensors, or the other way around?

At the moment, the two sensors actually serve two different purposes, with the combined goal of better comfort.

The Nest sensor can be used to tell your Nest thermostat to aim for a specific room's temperature, instead of turning off when the thermostat itself reaches that temperature. Check out a more comprehensive feature list here.

Our Keen Home Temp Sensors relay room temperature data to our system. Smart Vents in a room will then close when the room exceeds your set Temperature Limit, while other rooms continue receiving the heating/cooling from the thermostat accordingly. More info here.

Will Nest sensors work with Smart Vents? Will Keen sensors tell the Nest what to do?

They work great alongside one another, but the Nest sensors won't tell Smart Vents when to open or close. Similarly, Keen Temp Sensors won't tell the Nest thermostat when to turn on/off - that will rely on the Nest and its own sensors.

Is a Smart Bridge still required when using the Nest?

Yes, the Smart Bridge acts as a hub to connect your vents and integrate the Nest thermostat within our app. Since your Nest doesn't have control over the vents, the vents need to get their orders from a bridge.

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