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Ecovent, what thermostats are compatible?
Ecovent, what thermostats are compatible?
Written by Mahesh Choudhury
Updated over a week ago

Ecovent requires a wifi enabled thermostat that integrates with our system, as well as a common wire to provide continuous power to the thermostat.

In order to check for a common wire, or c-wire, please follow these steps. If you don't have a c-wire it's not a problem, and you have a few options:

Supported Thermostats

  • Zen Thermostat - ZIGBEE Edition

  • Emerson/White-Rogers Sensi Comfort Thermostat Models UP500W or 1F86U-42WF

We are planning to integrate with additional popular thermostats in the future. If there’s a particular thermostat you want prioritized for integration, please let us know by emailing!

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