Ecovent will optimize your comfort, but will never put your home in a position where your furnace or A/C will get damaged.

Each of our vents has a sensor that measures several variables, such as pressure and temperature, in the duct and sends this information to the Hub in real-time. Vent information is combined with data from the sensors, and is analyzed to ensure that the system never closes off more vents than your HVAC system can handle.

If pressure builds up in one room we use information from the rest of the home to understand which rooms can benefit from increased airflow, and we send air there. In this way you can think about Ecovent creating dynamic "dump zones" where pressure can be released if needed.

The system knows your home's limits and operates in its safe zone. If your system is already operating at the high end of the safe limit, Ecovent will alert you and we will work with you to find a solution.

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