Our sensors are designed for the typical sensor orientation where the ground prong (round) is below the two AC prongs (flat). It is important to have the sensor oriented correctly so that heat from the electrical components doesn't impact the sensor readings.

If your outlets have the ground prong above the AC prongs that's not a problem, you'll just need to modify your sensor by flipping the core around 180 degrees.

Step 1. Hold your sensor so the prongs face you.

Step 2. Turn the three swivel clasps to the unlock position.

Step 3: Push the core out

Step 4: Turn the core 180 degrees and place back into the sensor frame.

Step 5: Turn the swivel clasps to the lock position.

Step 6: Plug your sensor into the wall with the ground prong above the AC prongs.

If your outlets are horizontal instead of vertical, this is also OK.

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