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My Sensor won't connect to Ecovent
My Sensor won't connect to Ecovent
Written by Mahesh Choudhury
Updated over a week ago

If you are having trouble connecting your Sensor while installing your system, the Ecovent app will help you to troubleshoot your installation.
If you are still having connection problems:

  • Check that the sensor you are trying to pair has a flashing blue light on the bottom

  • This Sensor should be the only sensor in this state; if other Sensors are flashing blue, unplug them

  • If the Sensor has a solid blue light, and you still cannot connect the sensor, reset it by using the reset tool located under the hub (a paperclip will work) and briefly pressing the the the reset pinhole on the lower left of the sensor

  • If the Sensor has no light showing, check that the outlet has power by plugging something else into it

When connected, the Ecovent App will show that it has successfully connected and the Sensor light will appear solid blue.

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