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What does Ecovent mean by my "Home Network"?
What does Ecovent mean by my "Home Network"?
Written by Mahesh Choudhury
Updated over a week ago

What is the "Home Network"?

Ecovent uses the concept of a "Home Network" to provide security and local access to your system based on where your Ecovent Hub is plugged into. Being connected to your Home Network provides a faster connection and is needed to make any configuration changes (installation of an Ecovent device, or removal/disconnecting an Ecovent Device).

The "Home Network" is established by the subnet created by your router. The subnet used, is the one that the Ecovent Hub is connected to via the ethernet cable. For most homes, you will only have the one subnet for your one router, which means if you are at home and connected to the internet via your Wi-Fi, you will be on the "Home Network" subnet.

What if I use Extenders or multiple access points?

Typically using a Wi-Fi extender or repeater in the home will be configured use the same SSID (or wireless network name), and as such is simply an extension of the main router's subnet. In most setups such as this you will not see an difference and your smartphone/tablet does not see this as switching networks.

When an additional wireless access point is used in a home, either plugged directly into the main router or elsewhere in the home, these devices will typically create their own subnet which can create some confusion as to what Wi-Fi network is your Ecovent "Home Network". In order to make changes to the system, you will need to be on the Wi-Fi created by the device that the Hub is plugged into.

Example: if you primarily use a router (let's call it "The Smith's Wifi") that sits on top (or is plugged into) of your Internet Service Provider's modem/router, but your Ecovent Hub is plugged directly into the ISP modem/router, you will need to connect to the Wi-Fi network from your ISP's modem/router instead of your usual router ("The Smith's Wifi") in order to make device configuration changes.

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