Connecting your Ecovent App to Wifi
Written by Mahesh Choudhury
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Connecting Ecovent App to wifi

What should I do if app won’t connect to wifi?

**Note: Device should be on same network the hub is (or will be) connected to**

  • Check that device is connected to the internet on its own

  • Go into device settings and check connection

  • iOS: Enter Settings > Wi-Fi

  • Check that Wi-Fi is toggled on (to the right) and select the desired network

  • Enter password as prompted

  • If you don't know your wifi password please talk to your network administrator, or reach out to Apple’s support.

  • Android: Enter Settings

  • Under the “connections” tab (Default) make sure Wi-Fi is toggled on (to the left)

  • Tap “Wi-Fi” and then select the desired network from the right side of the screen

  • Enter password as prompted

  • To test: try opening a web browser, and launch a new page

  • Check if a wireless computer in the home has internet connection

  • Check that the router is successfully connected and displaying the wifi-light

  • [If internet is down]  Reboot router = Unplug wireless router for 10 sec and plug back in

Success = App connected to wifi and moves on to next screen

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