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Ecovent Replacement of Product in Warranty
Ecovent Replacement of Product in Warranty
Written by Mahesh Choudhury
Updated over a week ago

Limited Warranty Policy:

Ecovent warrants to the owner of the shipped Ecovent Products (Hub, Sensors, and Vents) that they will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery following the original retail purchase (the “Warranty Period”). If the Ecovent Product fails to conform to this limited warranty during the Warranty Period, Ecovent will at its sole discretion repair or replace the Ecovent Product. Ecovent may repair or replace an Ecovent Product with new or refurbished parts and components, and—if a part of component is no longer available—Ecovent may replace a Ecovent Product with a similar device that has similar functions.

This warranty does not cover Ecovent Product sold “as-is” or that has been marked as a “sample,” or “test device.” This limited warranty also does not cover Ecovent Product that has been (a) modified, altered, tampered with, or improperly maintained or repaired; (b) improperly stored or installed; (c) used in a manner that does not accord with the user manual; (d) damaged by electrical or utility faults, including breakdown, fluctuations, or interruptions in electrical power; or (e) damaged by an Act of God, including lightning, flooding, weather, earthquake, or other natural disaster or phenomena. The limited warranty also does not apply to batteries or software, unless the damage to the batteries or software was caused by a defect in the material and workmanship of the Product.

Replacement of Ecovent Product in warranty (or extended warranty)

To make a claim under this limited warranty, the owner of the Product must first notify Ecovent Care of his or her intention to make a claim by contacting to explain what is wrong with the Ecovent Product. Ecovent Warranty Manager (EWM) will contact Product owner for any questions or clarifications and accordingly will issue a Return Authorization. Ecovent will first ship the replacement Product to Customer. Upon receipt of the Product from Ecovent, Customer ships the defective Product to Ecovent Warehouse at Customer’s own expense.

Ecovent will have no obligations under this Limited Warranty if it determines in its sole discretion after inspecting the returned Product that the Product conforms to the limited warranty or was returned outside the Warranty Period. If Ecovent determines the Product fails to conform to this warranty, Ecovent will bear all costs of return shipping to the Product owner and will reimburse any reasonable shipping costs incurred by Product owner. If Ecovent determines the Product conforms to the limited warranty, Ecovent will communicate with Product owner accordingly and the Product owner will be solely responsible for the cost of the Product and all shipping costs.

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