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Ecovent Heat and cool your home in the same day using "Scenes" feature
Ecovent Heat and cool your home in the same day using "Scenes" feature
Written by Mahesh Choudhury
Updated over a week ago

The cool nights and warm days of Fall and Spring can be managed easily using our Scenes and Scheduling features by setting your thermostat mode to Cool during the day and Heat at night.

A scene is what we call a snapshot of the thermostat mode, fan mode, and different target temperatures for all your rooms at any given moment in time. First create scenes in both Heating and Cooling mode, then schedule the the Cooling scenes until the temperature starts to drop. Next schedule Heating scenes until the weather warms again in the morning.

Creating a Scene:

1. Click on the Clock Icon on the top right-hand side of your app screen.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "+ Add new scene"

3. Choose your Scene name, thermostat mode, target temperature, vacant/occupied rooms, and fan mode. Bonus: put your thermostat mode in the Scene name.

4. Save your new Scene

Scheduling your Scene

1. On the Scenes and Scheduling page click "Schedules."

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Schedules screen and click, "+ Schedule Scene"

3. Choose the Scene you would like to schedule

4. Click "Add start time" one time for each day that you want your schedule to run, then set your start times.

5. Save your schedule. The scene will run up until the next scene is scheduled to start OR you manually enable a different schedule in the header bar of your home screen.

Using Scenes and Schedules to switch between Heat and Cool mode.

Now that you know how to create scenes and schedule them throughout the day, all you have to do is schedule your Cool scenes during the day and your Heat scenes at night. You may want to edit your scene start times as the season progresses.

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