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FAQs - Purchasing
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How much does a system cost?

On average, about $495 per room, but Ecovent needs to cover a minimum of 5 zones. 

Why is Traditional Zoning so expensive?

Mostly due to the unpredictable labor requirements and the nature of wired traditional zoning. When we interviewed HVAC contractors, they told us that traditional wired zoning installation is unpredictable and cost prohibitive primarily because:

  1. Ducting systems are not easily accessible in homes. An installation can take 1-3 days and require multiple technicians in the home.

  2. Contractors must be certified and have both electrical and mechanical certifications.

  3. Many homes do not have the extra space for the new ducting required in a traditionally zoned system, and can not have traditional zoning installed at all.

We designed our product to be installed in less than 2 hours which provides the right predictability to incorporate our product into their services.

What vent sizes are available?

We’re currently making ceiling, wall and floor vents in four standard sizes: 4”x10”, 4”x12”, 6”x10” and 6”x12”. We are working on determining future vent sizes based on market demand.

In the mean time, we also engineered a solution that allows for our vents to sit behind the register. This will require a contractor to install, but it provides a solution for vent sizes that we do not currently manufacture. As long as the ducts are 6", 8”, 10” round, it will work with both hard ducting and flex ducting!

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