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FAQs - Installation
FAQs - Installation
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How do I install the system?

You have several installation options. You can install Ecovent yourself with support from a RemotePro technician on the phone to help. You can use a professional contractor to come to you home and do the installation. ... Or you can have your kids, or neighbor do it for you!

A typical installation (average 4 bedroom home) should take no more than 2 hours to install. Once the system is installed, you can begin setting your temperature preferences right from our app.

Do I need to replace all of my vents?

YES! In order for Ecovent to work effectively to solve the comfort and control issues so many homeowners face, it’s important to replace as close to 100% of the vents in your home as possible and never less than 80% unless approved by our technical team. This is because Ecovent is an integrated system that takes in information from your entire home and makes decisions on how to control every vent to optimize comfort and efficiency. You can usually skip replacing vents in bathrooms and closets (because they tend to be smaller and have less airflow).

Will the Room Climate Sensors take up my power outlets?

Nope – they expand them! Our sensors fit in standard power outlets and include their own outlets! In fact, Ecovent Room Climate Sensors give you even more space to plug in your gadgets, because they include two USB charging ports!

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