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FAQs - Technical
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How are the vents powered?

Our vents are powered with 4 AA batteries. When the batteries get low, the mobile app will send you a notification. The batteries are easy to replace, too: just pop the magnetic faceplate off the vent, take out the batteries, and put in new ones. If the batteries die before you have a chance to change them, the vent doors will open fully in order to keep your system safe from a buildup of static pressure.

How do you protect my HVAC system again?

If too many vents are closed off in your home, pressure builds up in your ducts. This can have costly and potentially dangerous consequences. Too much pressure can prematurely wear out your blower motor and decrease the airflow at your furnace or cooling coil. The heating element can get dangerously hot (and possibly crack, leading to a carbon monoxide leak) or the cooling coil can freeze into a block of ice. Pretty scary, right?

Ecovent doesn’t blindly close off vents. Our system reliably monitors the static pressure and airflow conditions at each vent and in each room. We optimize your comfort, but never put your home in a position where your heating or cooling equipment will be damaged.

Do the vents make any noise?

The opening and closing of vents is almost completely inaudible when installed. Our vents are designed for optimal airflow, which means they usually make significantly less noise than a standard vent. Please note that the vent doors calibrate themselves during installation, which makes more noise than during normal operation. This helps you know they are working properly during install.Again, the only issue with noise is with systems that have Constant Volume Flow fans, so we avoid installing with these systems until we have further integration with HVAC manufacturers.

Are there firmware updates?

Yes. Firmware is updated remotely and will be included for the life of the product. Again, our lifetime perspective of our partnership with the customer is an essential part of our mission.

What sensors does Ecovent use?

We use sensors that read temperature, humidity, and pressure. Each sensor helps us tailor the temperature of each room to your preferences.

Do I need one Room Climate Sensor for every vent?

You only need one sensor per room. You can link multiple vents to a single sensor.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

We’ve designed our sensors and vents to communicate to the hub using a custom, low-powered radio frequency. However, an internet connection is required for Ecovent to control the thermostat. When the internet connection is lost, Ecovent will notify you through the app. You can still manually control the thermostat until an internet connection is re-established.

What wireless protocol does Ecovent use?

Ecovent’s vents and room sensors communicate using a custom, low-powered protocol on 915 MHz, completely encrypted so your data is safe!

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