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How Many Keen Vents Do I Need and Where Do I Install Them?
How Many Keen Vents Do I Need and Where Do I Install Them?

Guidelines to determine how many Smart Vents to start out with

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Every home is different, each with its own built-in temperature discrepancies. As such, we have some best practices to ensure you get off to a good start.

We typically recommend starting out by replacing about 1/3 to 1/2 of your home's vents  if you're looking for a whole home effect. You'll want to target the 'problem rooms' first. These are the rooms that receive too much heating/cooling, or are frequently unoccupied. By closing off these vents to your chosen percentage, either manually or on a schedule, you can redistribute that airflow to rooms that need it most. This will allow you to achieve the temperature balance across your whole home. 

Alternatively, you can focus only on rooms that are getting too much hot or cold air without trying to achieve a whole home balance. If that is your goal, upgrading even a single room will help prevent that room from over conditioning. It will not help drive air to an "underconditioned" room that does not get enough air unless you upgrade several rooms for a whole home effect. 

It's important to note that if you do have a 'problem room' you'd like to address, you should replace every vent in that particular room so you're able to fully control its airflow. In time, the more rooms you upgrade, the more precision you'll have in controlling your air circulation.

What's required?

A high-speed internet connection such as DSL, Cable, Fiber, or Satellite.
A smart phone (iOS 7.0+ or Android 4.4+).
A forced air central heating or cooling system.
A Connected Home Bridge/Hub from Keen Home, Lowe’s Iris, or SmartThings.
A compatible thermostat: the Nest and the ecobee

How are they powered?

All Smart Vents come with four AA batteries that should keep them powered within a year, dependent on usage.

How much do Smart Vents cost?

Prices vary depending on how many Smart Vents you need, what sizes you need, whether you want to get a Smart Bridge or Smart Filters, and so on. Our most common size is our 4x10, which starts at $99.99.

You can check out our shop for full pricing here. Prices are subject to change.

Learn about our Smart Vent faceplate styles here.

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