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The Ins and Outs of Keen Smart Filters
The Ins and Outs of Keen Smart Filters

Are Smart Filters right for me? What do they protect against? Will they obstruct airflow?

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How do they work?

Keen Home Smart Filters purify the air in your home where it matters most: your air ducts. They magnetically clip inside your Smart Vent's removable faceplate and last for 90-180 days, depending on Smart Vent usage. Smart Filters neutralize odors, harmful compounds, and allergens with their electrostatic, antimicrobial mesh and active carbon layer.

Can I use them with my old air vents?

Keen Home Smart Filters work exclusively with Keen Home Smart Vents.

What do they require?

Smart Filters require Keen Home Smart Vents with Herringbone (white) faceplates.

What sizes are available?

Smart Filters come in the same sizes as Smart Vents: 4”x10”, 4”x12”, 6”x10”, and 6”x12”.

What other duct sizes do you support?

We currently offer Trim Kits along with Smart Vents for 4”x14”, 6”x14”, 8”x10”, 8”x12”, 8”x14”, 10”x10”, and 12”x12” size duct openings.


How do I set up and install a Smart Filter?

Your Smart Filter magnetically clips into the steel bar in the center of your Smart Vent's Herringbone faceplate.

To add your Smart Filters to your Keen Home app, first make sure you have the latest version available from Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Then just tap into a room where you intend to install a Smart Filter and choose “Add Smart Filter” below the appropriate Smart Vent to finish adding it.

How many do I need?

You can add Smart Filters to every Smart Vent in your home, or you can prioritize installing them only in specific rooms where air quality is a concern.

How long do Smart Filters last?

Smart Filters need to be replaced every 90-180 days, dependent on usage. You can purchase one-off replacements any time from our shop, and we plan to release our Keen Air Care subscription down the line as well.


Will Smart Filters impact airflow?

Smart Filters utilize 3M’s advanced High Airflow Filtration (HAF) technology to ensure air filtration without sacrificing heating or cooling performance.

How much do they cost?

An individual Smart Filter costs $19.99 regardless of size.

What is Keen Air Care?

Our Smart Filter subscription service we plan to release in the near future. By subscribing to Keen Air Care, you will automatically receive replacement Smart Filters every 90-180 days, depending on your Smart Vent usage. Keen Air Care will provide you with up to 12 Smart Filters a year.

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