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My room Ecovent sensor reads different than I expect
My room Ecovent sensor reads different than I expect
Written by Mahesh Choudhury
Updated over a week ago

There is typically some variance between temperature sensors across manufacturers. Our sensors are more finely calibrated than your typical consumer electronics device so depending on what you are comparing, the compound of another digital thermometer's variance can create an appearance of a large difference.

As a quick note, laser thermometers have some of the largest variance as a result of the material they being used on and ignore the environmental factors of how you'll feel a temperature in a room.

If you are concerned that your sensor is reading improperly, we recommend taking another room sensor from a different room, and plugging it in near the sensor in question. In about 5-10 minutes check the in room readings for each of the two "rooms" in your app. This will help tell if there is truly an issue with this sensor. If you do see this, we recommend comparing another room's sensor here as well to verify which sensor is reading off.

If you find there is a variance outside of a few degrees fahrenheit, contact Ecovent support with your findings and we'll help enter a bias adjustment so that your sensor will read more in line with how it feels in the room.

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