Once you have tried to reconnect the WiFi on your Sensi and are unsuccessful after multiple attempts, there are a few things to take note of:

  • When Ecovent loses connection with your Sensi's WiFi, control of your HVAC is returned to the Sensi thermostat and Ecovent cannot make automatic adjustments until the WiFi connection is restored. This means that to turn on, or off, your heating/cooling, simply set the desired setting on your Sensi manually.

  • In addition, Ecovent will not make vent adjustments while your Sensi's WiFi is disconnected, so depending on your current needs, you may want to disable Ecovent to open all of the vents and circulate the air

If you continue to have troubles with the Sensi WiFi, please contact us at support@ecoventsystems.com or contact@keenhome.io to discuss further.

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