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Keen, ecobee Integration Support
Keen, ecobee Integration Support

Tips and tricks to using the ecobee integration

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How does temperature limit work?

Temperature limit is our new feature that allows you to use your Smart Vents and ecobee room sensors like a room-by-room thermostat. When you have a room with Smart Vent(s) and room sensor, you can set a temperature limit at which the vents will automatically close. This redirects air to rooms that have not hit their limit and reduces HVAC run time overall. It balances room temperatures and lets each room be treated like an independent zone. In our testing, temperature limit can shift room temperature by 4-8 degrees.

The temperature limit looks like it should have closed the vent, but it is open (or vice versa).

This is likely due to one of two things: 

  1. Your HVAC system is off or in fan mode. Smart Vents do not move when your home is not being actively heated or cooled.

  2. You set an occupancy schedule that triggered your vents to be close during a block of time.

Check that you don’t have a room set to 'unoccupied' in the time period you want the vents to be open. The Occupancy Schedule will take priority over temperature limits, so changing the rooms back to 'occupied' should solve this problem.

What is the difference between Temperature Limit and Balance Mode?

Temperature limits let you set a target temperature that triggers a response from your Smart Vents when it's met or exceeded. If you set a room's temperature limit to 75 degrees and the temperature drops below 75 with the AC running, the vents in that room will close. The reverse happens while in heating mode.

Balance mode is only recommended when you aren't using remote temperature sensors. It takes into account how you want airflow distributed throughout your home and coordinates your Smart Vents to meet your needs. 

For example, if it is winter and you tell your Smart Vents to warm your bedroom while in balance mode, the vents in your bedroom would all open to maximize airflow, while all of the other vents in your home would close slightly to drive more air to your bedroom.

How do I add my ecobee thermostat to the Keen Home app?

  1. Go to your connected devices list and tap “Add Device.”

  2. Tap “Ecobee Thermostat” in the addable devices list.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to authenticate your Keen Home account with your ecobee account. We will automatically pull in all information about other ecobees and room sensors in your home.

  4. If you have multiple ecobee3s in your home, choose which ones to add to Keen Home.

  5. Once your ecobee3 is added, organize the rooms of your home into their appropriate zones in the Keen Home app.

How do I add my ecobee3 room sensors to the Keen Home app?

We automatically pull your room sensors into the Keen Home app when you authenticate your Keen Home account with your ecobee account. All you have to do is assign each sensor to their appropriate room. To do this, tap the hamburger (three horizontal lines in the upper left) and choose “Connected Devices." Select each sensor that does not have a room assigned. Tap on the room field and select the correct room or create a new room.

Which app controls my schedule?

Ecobee uses setbacks to save energy by not running the HVAC when you aren’t home. It also has separate temperature setting for bedtime or other “comfort settings.” Since room schedules such as the one we use for Smart Vents have to do with room occupancy (not home occupancy like ecobee) the two schedules serve different purposes. We are working on a new feature called “Keen Follow Me” that uses the motion sensing in ecobee room sensors to automatically mark rooms as unoccupied when they are empty.

Will my Keen Home Occupancy Schedule work with my ecobee home schedule?

Room schedules function differently than home schedules, so for now the schedules you set for rooms in your Keen Home app do not interact with your ecobee home schedule. In other words, both will work, just independently of one another. We do plan to leverage room sensor data to inform room schedules in the near future.

Why is my room sensor in the Keen Home app showing a different temperature than it does in the ecobee app?

Ecobee sensors report temperature every 3 minutes or when there is a large change in sensor state. Because of this, the Keen Home app may be a few minutes behind the ecobee app.

I’m having trouble adding my ecobee! What do I do?

There are two scenarios in which you may not be able to add your ecobee account to the Keen Home app: 

  1. Your username or password are incorrect. Double check your ecobee login credentials and try again.

  2. Your network is down. Try turning your router off and then back on again.

If your username and password are correct and your network is working properly but you are still having trouble adding your ecobee, reach out to our support team at

For a full overview of the Keen Home / ecobee integration, click to view the setup guide below:

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