While our Smart Vents do come equipped with pressure and temperature sensors, these are used specifically to monitor and ensure the health of the duct and the HVAC system. They will not provide room-temperature readings or react automatically to temperature changes without the use of remote sensors. As of now, you can set the specific openness percentage of each room's vents and redirect airflow based on those needs. You can also set schedules which automate the opening and closing of a room’s vents based on your typical occupancy times.

Check out our article on the Occupancy Scheduler here.

That being said, automated temperature control is possible by using our latest integration with the ecobee smart thermostat. Once paired, our app will pull over the ecobee's room sensor and thermostat data, allowing you to set temperature limits for each room. Once the temp limit has been reached or exceeded, the room's vents will close automatically.

Please note that our Smart Bridge/Keen Home App and either the ecobee3, ecobee4, or ecobee lite thermostat are required for this integration to work. 

The full ecobee integration guide can be found here.

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